Link round-up, shout-outs, etc

A cool link from Rory, about a really stupid HR complaint.

Some Wired news articles I’d really like to comment on:

  1. How Info-Overload Experts Unwind (this is something I don’t do that well, but I’m learning (I hope))
  2. Designer Virus Stalks HIV (cool, but scary… The guys who made it talk about how scary it could be that anyone could start creating “designer virii” – at least this virus is a “good one”)
  3. iPod All the Rage in High Fashion (I *WANT* an iPod, preferably an iPod mini – coz they look cooler.  Although the full iPod seems to have a lot more add-ons/gadgets to make it even cooler)
  4. Browser Hijackers Ruining Lives (This happened to my cousin a long while ago when he first joined IS – he went to a site and installed some software (he was kinda new to the internet back then) and promptly found his PC randomly opening up his browser and directing it to various porn sites – NOT good)

There are more, but I’ll leave that for now.

Other arb thoughts – I *REALLY* want a tablet PC, especially after these blogs. (Scoble keeps mentioning them both there and on the Geek Aggregator, too often to link to each post)

Oh yeah since shout outs are “cool” in the blogging world, here’s one to Charlie (the coolest guy in my homecell to be blogging – ok, I admit, he’s the only guy in my homecell who’s blogging, but that doesn’t make him any less cool :)), Quixilver (who’s blog’s hosted on my site, has some really interesting blog entries, and has a cool style of writing)… All the guys at (generally they’re some of the more active members of, who have some cool blog entries about .Net and about life)

I’ve handwritten a few BLOG entries that I really must post some time – we’re house sitting (and child minding a 16 yr old (well, she’s actually a bit younger than that, but she’d be really happy to know that I called her a 16 yr old and didn’t reveal her actual age – which is marginally below 16)) for a few weeks so I’m without a PC at the moment (yet another reason why a Tablet PC would be awesome) So I’ll try get around to posting them some time soon…

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