Longhorn EULA

(found via a Channel9 – in this post)

By installing this software you agree to:

– not be monitored, tracked or harassed by us , our partners, or 3rd party sites we do business with

– We reserve the right to continue to improve the product youve bought – free of charge through the Windows Update service.

– Microsoft is not responsible for what you do with your computer.  Anything you make on it is your own.

– In the words of Google ( Dont be evil ) and Apple ( Dont steal Music) we ask that you try to obide by copywrite law

– This product comes with a full waranty: if its not working for you – you may return it for a full refund

– You may install this product in your home on all the computers you wish

– This software will not complain if you change your system components and will not make you type 50 letter codes when you install it

– This software MAY collect info about your computer periferals and configuration to keep it running at peak performance.  For a list of what this info is, how it is sent and how to disable it – click here

– all your base arnt belong to us

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