Moving and GMail

A quick update… I’ve just moved house, and this morning I notice that I have 5 GMail invites to give away…

I noticed that Rory’s got a list of GMail Invites going, so you can leave a comment here if you want an invite and if mine run out, just pop over to Rory’s blog to find out where you can get more… Looks like Google’s been busy handing out invites this week. πŸ™‚

[Update: All of my GMail invites have been used up… I’ll post a new blog entry should I be given any more…]

10 thoughts on “Moving and GMail

  1. I’d love to have a peek – I hope you have one left for me πŸ™‚


    neumera at klilu dot de

  2. I’ve been attempting to hook up and saw your post over on Rory’s blog. If you still have one to pass along I’d appreciate it if you could send it my way. Thanks.

    John M Deal

    johndeal at deploymentcentric dot com

  3. love to have a look at it. I am normally a yahoo user, but heard great things about gmail


    dean at blueglowworm dot com

  4. Hi.. I need a gmail invite… wd highly appreciate if you could send me one

    thanks !!

    saurabhb2000 at the rate yahoo DOT com

  5. Hello !!

    I would really like a GMail account if you still have any left.

    Thanks so much

    glm at nwnatural dot com

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