Pet peeves being addressed

A while ago I posted about one of my Pet Peeves (Microsoft announces CD’s that you can order online, but only after you go online do you find out that you can’t get them shipped to South Africa)… Shortly after that the South African version of the MSDN Flash they announced that you could order the CD’s that I was looking for, and they’d ship them to South Africa for a small (around R35?) fee which was great.

With XP SP2, I was wondering how the heck I would get my home PC updated since I’ve just moved and I don’t have a phone line in the new place yet (and it will probably take over a month to get one installed)… On Friday I was browsing Microsoft South Africa’s site and I noticed a press release entitled “Windows XP Service Pack 2: Fact Sheet” which kinda hides the exciting content a bits, which say “Microsoft South Africa would like to encourage users to order a free copy of the Windows XP SP2 CD from its local call centre (0860 2255 67) and from mid-September CDs can be collected from Makro; Incredible Connection; Game; Dion and CNA – free of charge”!

This morning I saw that Matt Hausmann blogged about it, so I thought I should too. 🙂

And once I’ve put my PC back together I’ll be giving Microsoft a call.

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