Belated “Happy new year”…

This year got off to a flying start, and I still haven’t said “Happy new year” to the ‘net in general… so here it is:











The year kinda started rather quickly, and I’ve had very little time to catch up… I’m not sure if everyone’s year has started so hectically… We arrived back on the 5th of Jan, and within a day our weekends were pretty much booked up till the middle of Feb, quite a few Friday nights were filled, and usually the rest of our week nights are full too.

We’ve got stacks of photos from the trips, but not all of them are digital… I took my digital camera but left my memory stick at home, so that was kinda useless, and I asked the Kodak photo shop near my work to scan the negatives from my wifes camera and write a CD for me, but after complaining 3 times about the lack of quality in the photos I stopped.  The original images they made were about 240×90 pixels in size, and the owners of the shop are very asian – they don’t speak much english at all, so trying to explain what was wrong with the images was a bit of a nightmare.  I’ll post a holiday blog entry later on, when I have the time…

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