Better Customer Service?

Has anyone here noticed that Liberty is still advertising that they ‘give bad service, but its ok because we’re working on making it better’… 

These ads started over 4 months ago!  I’m begining to wonder if they’re actualy doing anything.  I mean, how long can it take to rip out a call centre and replace it with a more efficient one? And surely if they knew it was going to take this long, they should only have started the ads a month before their change was going live?  Just think of the money they could have saved… In fact, I’m a Liberty Life client – so I’m thinking about my money that they’re wasting on these ads.  If they weren’t paying for the ads, wouldn’t they be able to spend more money to ensure that my investments were doing better?  Or perhaps they could be charging me less fees, so that more of my money went towards my investments?

Anyway, I certainly hope they actually improve their service levels soon so that they can stop wasting money telling us that they’re doing something.  Someone should really tell their directors to “stop telling us that you’re doing something, and just DO it already!” because currently their lack of action is speaking far louder than their ads.

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Shit, I guess you have a point. I liked the campaign, the basic humility of it, but I can see how it could be interpreted badly. My understanding of the current relevance is that no matter how much better they get, they constantly want to improve.

Having said that, the current run of ads has become tired, I’ll tell em to pop over and read your post…!

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