One Hour Photo

The movie “One Hour Photo” is one that I have wanted to watch for an age but never have.  After my recent experience at a photolab, I think I’m gonna watch it.

The local Kodak Express near my work is really cool, their prices are way cheaper than any of the places near my home or work.  The only downside is that the lady behind the counter is *VERY* talkative.  That’s not too bad, except that she has an amazing memory and (as I found out today) she looks through your photos in detail.  After I took the first film in there she would greet me by name, and she could remember my phone number the next time I placed an order there.  That was kinda freaky, but ok because she’s like 55 years old and rather small so if she tried anything funny I could defend myself – or at least I could run away faster than I guess she could run after me.

Today I went in to collect my wife’s most recent films (from Zanzibar) she asked “Who’s this amazingly gorgeous guy?” while pointing to a photo.  A bit shocked, I took a look at the photo and said “Stuart”.  She frowned, and said “Yes, I can read it on his name tag but who is he?”. (The photo was of Stuart at a leadership training time so he had a name tag stuck on his shirt).  Aparently their printing machine has problems when it runs out of ink, so you start getting spots on the pictures so she had re-printed a few of the pics.  The picture of Stuart had been reprinted about 6 times, all of which looked quite perfect to me.

I like the fact that she remembers customers (although remembering my phone number is possibly a bit too much), and the fact that she takes the time to check that each and every photo is printed ok, and that she then reprints them until they’re perfect.  What worries me is that she seemed overly excited about learning Stuart’s name.  And what annoys me is that the photos are ALWAYS out of sequential order when I get them from her.

Scarily enough her stalking tendancies don’t bother me half as much as her inability to keep the photo’s in order.  I’m begining to thing that perhaps I have some OCD tendancies myself.  There are a few things I do that could be considerd OCD oddities… but that’s for another post. 🙂

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