Letter to FusionReactor

To: Grant Jackson (FusionReactor)
Cc: Shaun Green (WBS)
Subject: FusionReactor support Rocks! (not so with WBS’s support)

I’ve spent the past two weeks beating my head against the desk while I wait on hold or deal with bad support from WBS’s helpdesk.  In the past 2 weeks my PC keeps being disconnected from iBurst and then failing to reconnect. (I get error messages saying either that my username and password is invalid or that the server took too long to respond)  For two weeks I’ve been told “Check your MTU settings”, “Reboot your PC” or “Reboot your iBurst modem”.  This morning I had had enough, and I was about to start shouting to anyone who would listen that I was fed up with the situation.

Then I remembered that when I’d signed up with FusionReactor the guy who dropped off the modem had said I should call them if I had support problems.  So I gave FusionReactor a call.  I spoke to Craig and I was blown away.  Here is a “support person” who spoke with knowledge and understanding.  Once he had my username he almost immediately said “I see you have a problem” (because he could see how regularly I was being disconnected).  While I was talking to him he would say “Oh, I see you’ve disconnected again” or “You’re back online again”.  Something small, but it told me that he was using some system and had information at his fingertips.  He asked the right questions, listened to the information I told him, and actually understood the implications of what I was saying.

The WBS Support response up till today had been as outlined above, but today I was told by Porschia (who I’d spoken to twice before) that the disconnection problem has been around for a long time and that while its been minimised its not solved.  She seemed to think that I should accept that and she didn’t think that the fact that its only started happening to me in the past two weeks and it only seems to happen when I’m processing website logs on my PC (which does a number of DNS requests and other checks) could be useful information.  But when I told Craig that he seemed to understand that something must have happened in the past 2 weeks to cause it (which the WBS guys didn’t seem to get).  So when I suggested that perhaps WBS was disconnecting me because the network thought that the many DNS requests in one small burst were “malicious” he actually considered it as a viable possibility.

Heck even if he was lying to me, it worked.  I trusted what he said, and that made me feel like I was in good hands with FusionReactor. Eventually I found that our local network guys had disabled my windows firewall, and perhaps there was something involved there that was causing my disconnections.  So Craig promised to check up further on his side, and I said I’d let him know if it gets better.  I was happy, I had a solution and I had a provider who genuinely cared and helped.

Grant I wanted to let you know this because I was *REALLY* impressed. I’m cc’ing this to Shaun because I’m hoping he’ll send his guys on whatever training you sent your guys on. Or perhaps he can convince the HR department in WBS to learn something from FusionReactor’s HR department so that they hire more qualified people to represent them to the public.

I’m going to pass on the message to the guys who I’ve referred to FusionReactor, and I’ve blogged about the incident so that hopefully people who read it will see some light in the otherwise dark tunnel that is iBurst support.



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