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Talk, new Motherboard, The Apprentice and memory for my phone

Well, the talk to the JHB group of SA Developer.Net was really cool.  I’m not sure if I showed them much new stuff at all… I’d have loved to have some eval forms or something to figure out how everyone found the depth.  I kept alternating between thinking that I was rushing and thinking that it was all just way too basic for everyone…  Regardless of how it was received by people, I had lots of fun.  I was nervous as all heck before I started, but I was pretty ok after the first 30 minutes of talking.

I got my new motherboard on Tuesday… (after like 2 months of waiting before I ordered it, and another month after I ordered it) So on Wednesday after the talk I decided to install it.  Little did I know what I was in for.  Firstly I couldn’t get my PC to “see” both my hard drives… In the end it turned out that I had plugged in the wrong cable… Then XP didn’t like the motherboard so it wouldn’t start up – in fact it would just keep rebooting the PC.  I finally found my XP cd and managed to boot from that, and I thought I’d go to the Repair Console… which was really not a whole load of help… Eventually I managed to get the CD to try and repair the installation… but it hung after about 5 minutes of work. It took me a good while to realise this, by which time it was about 2am and I needed to sleep.

Lack of sleep the night before and the late night caused me to oversleep quite badly so Christie and I  didn’t go to the Pilanesberg like we’d planned… But we had a pretty cool day anyway. (Found a nice shop in the Broadacres centre that sells cool wooden puzzles) Last night I tried again to fix my XP… only to find that it needed my CD key, and since we’re house sitting at the moment I didn’t have it with me (I only took the CD from home).  So I’ll try again this evening.

At about 8pm as we were going to get supper, I got an sms from an old friend of mine (Matthew) who told me that another old friend of mine (Lynn) was on The Apprentice…  So I had to stop to watch that… Also the one dude who almost got kicked off (Nthato) was aparently at my old school while I was there.  Anyway, the girl’s team won, so Lynn is still in the game for next week.

I also got the memory card for my phone on Wednesday. So being without a pc at home I’ve had to wait till today when I’m back at work to try out putting music, etc on the phone.  I thought it was going to be a nightmare because with only WMP9 on the phone, WMP10 on my pc wouldn’t sync nicely with it.  But it picks up the device and it will even sync with it.  What’s even cooler was that I was under the impression that I’d have to sit and convert all my WMA files to a lower quality so that I could fit them on my phone… but I found out that if you’re tryiing to sync too much WMP will convert the files for you… But I didn’t want to wait till I ran out of space before I started making my files smaller, so I chose the option in WMP 10 where you specify for yourself what is the max quality you’ll allow on your phone.  I’ve gone for 64kbps, which is bad for audio fundi’s but considering that I’m just listening to audio talk shows and music while I’m in queue’s and out and about, I’m not complaining.  It’s even working with‘s player so I can listen to my audio books while I’m out and about… (I just need to figure out how to get more than 2 minutes 39 seconds of audio onto my phone at a time. :()

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