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Reflection Talk

Here are the notes from the talk I gave last Wednesday night at Torque IT (Thanks for the venue and the cool caffeteria)…

I hope it went pretty well for the guys that were there…  I certainly enjoyed giving the talk. πŸ™‚

Here are the promised notes/slides/samples.

The PPT is here and the code samples are here.  The PPT’s have word for word what I wanted to say.  The samples are all there, I’ve included a file “demos.doc” which are my notes to myself telling me what to show to the guys.  I didn’t include instructions to myself to tell me to copy DLL’s from one folder to another (which I needed to do in the Dynamic UI demo).

The whole reason I wrote out word for word what I wanted to say was so that even if you didn’t go to the talk you could get the slides and demos and step yourself through it.  (My aim was to put in enough info so that someone from another town could take the slides, notes and code and with a few modifications they could present the material themselves…) 

If there are any hassles, let me know. πŸ™‚

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Thanks for an excellent presentation – you obviously put a lot of work into it and that was very evident in the quality of your talk.

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