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Last night’s SA Developer meeting in JHB was on
LINQ.  I unfortunately was about 25 minutes late so I missed some of the
stuff but what I did see was both pretty cool and frustrating.  The new C#
3.0 stuff looks really awesome but the LINQ stuff is “just another teaser that I
won’t be able to use until its released in 2 years time”.  Oddly enough my
previous company had built something similar to the Linq expression trees to
enable you to query our database and return objects.  We had been building
the system for about 3 years (it does a lot of other things besides just
querying a database), so I’m sure they’ll all be kicking themselves about the
fact that in 2 years their cool technology is going to be “replaced” by
microsoft’s LINQ and they’ll be working on “outdated” or “non-standard”

I guess that’s the way things go… I certainly wish I could use LINQ now, it
would definately make my life a lot easier, and would probably make my boss far
happier with using .Net.  I guess that’s the story of MS products, version
3 is the one that finally gets it right and kicks ass…

Not that version 1, 1.1, or 2.0 don’t kick ass… its just that they just
don’t have all the coolness of 3.0. 

Added to that – I’m having to build a new project in v1.1 instead of 2.0
because we have to use Mono. So I’m a bit frustrated with seeing new
coolness that I can’t use  even though part of the geek in me is
super excited at where things are going and how cool the new coolness of 3.0
will be when we finally get it.

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