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I finally did it… :(

Today I finally un-installed VS.Net 2005 from my PC.  I keep trying to do things in VS.Net
2005 that just won’t work in Mono, and more recently I had issues with various
application blocks that just didn’t work in .Net 2.0. Apparently there are
work-arounds, but I’m not interested in any of that. I want something that just
works and, despite its many issues, VS.Net 2003 has a much bigger base of tools
that will “just work” for me.

So as I type VS.Net 2003 is installing on my PC and I’m going to have to say
good bye to “built in” support for Master Pages, Refactoring, and a many other
cool features so that I can have “stuff that works”. (Unfortunately for me
“stuff that works” roughly translates to “stuff that works on
.Net and on Mono”) 

Another good reason for the swap is that I need to build a web app at the
moment (needs to be working by January)and, unless they’ve seriously jacked up
their capabilities since .Net 1.0 was released, the likelyhood of any South
African ISP’s supporting .Net 2.0 in the next 6 months is probably not very
high.  So we’ll be far more likely to find a place to host the site if we
use v1.1.

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