When technology works…

Continuing in the saga of the home acquisition story, I’d like to ruminate on how handy technology can be.

Back in the day, faxes were “all that”.  And while I still think they’re useful, I am really appreciating e-mail and fax to email.  In the quest to obtain  home loan you end up having to send and recieve a lot of faxes.  But, thanks to fax to e-mail a lot of this schlep goes away.  (I have a fax-to-email account from CyberFax)

The process for the bond application went as follows:

  1. Christie and I have to fill out a “Fica” declaration form and fax it to the bond originator
  2. We both have to send a copy of our ID books
  3. We both have to send a copy of our last 3 months bank statements
  4. One of us have to send through some proof of address.
  5. We both have to send through a copy of our last salary slip

The only thing in this list that was actually faxed off is the form that we filled out.  (I was too lazy to scan it in and e-mail it.)  Both of us have electronic copies of our ID books, both of our banks faxed our statements to my fax-to-email account, SABC faxed me a statement with my physical addess on it, my salary slip is e-mailed to me so I just printed it to PDF, and Christie faxed her copy to my fax-to-emal account.

Then in one e-mail, I sent all of these electronic copies of to the bond originator.  No hassles with writing cover letters, printing things out, and waiting by the fax machine for ages until it sends successfully.  Just a few phone calls, and one quick e-mail.

It really was quite easy.  So by Tuesday next week we should know if we have a bond or not.  Yay!

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