Thoughts for the day

I read two great blog posts today.  One by Wil Wheaton, and one by Joel Spolsky. 

Wil’s post was about taking the time to take care of yourself, not just living for your job or to help others.  Its something I’ve thought about every now and again: how can you help other people if you are dried up because you don’t take time to replenish your reserves?  Check it out here.

Joel’s post was about great customer service.  Its a pet peeve of mine so I won’t dwell on it for long, but he makes some good points that I think most companies don’t pass on to their support people.  Its a long read, but its pretty good.  Check it out here

Joel’s article actually mentions a company (Land’s End)that he has had awesome service from.  It is funny how certain companies seem to stick in your mind.  I remember them from about 1998 (when I was in varsity). I was helping out at the Sanlam Future Business Leaders Week by managing “sound/media” for various venues which meant that I got to listen to a bunch of really interesting speakers.  One of whom was “Brian Gardiner” (my apologies if I have spelled that incorrectly).  I first met Brian when he came to lecture at Rhodes University in the Infomation Systems department (my dad was the head of the department at the time, I was in school).  I think that in 1998 he was at Internet Solutions, and while I don’t remember much about his talk, I do remember that he mentioned Land’s End.  He was talking about doing business over the internet and mentioned how awesome their service was even though he was a customer in a different country to their main market.  At that time there probably weren’t too many large companies selling products globally via the internet.  But I do remember him telling me that they had done some great work in keeping him happy when he’d had problems.  Its good to see that they have kept up that customer service value going strong.

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