Home, sweet home – almost

Just got a call from MortgageSA to say that we have had provisionally had a bond approved (pending a valuation of the property).  We had a nice response from ABSA and Nedbank, no response from FNB and a really crappy response form Standard Bank.  ABSA’s response just beat Nedbank’s so we’re going with ABSA.  (No rude comments, please… I know “My Bank” is crap, but hey, I’m going to be paying the least amount of money if I use them, so I’m going to use them)

Now we just need the valuation to be ok (it should be), and we need the body corporate to approve of our cat.  The cat should be fine as long as she is spayed and wears a collar, and our cat is spayed and will get used to a collar.

So, everything is looking good for us to move in on 1st April 2007!

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