Moving and linking

In 1 week’s time we’ll be in our new place. We’ll be minus iBurst and DSTV… mainly it is for cost saving purposes but I’m sure it will also have plenty other benefits – less sitting passivly watching tv, typing on laptops (like I’m doing now) and more talking and socialising.

The big pitties are the cool series that are starting on DSTV, and missing our PVR.  (Pausing live TV is such a life changing feature for any Series watchers)

And since I’m in a linking mood, we’re using SA Movers for our move, MortgageSA for our bond, and ABSA are our new lords and masters (aka the bank that gave us the loan).

More linking – my connection to iBurst is organised via FusionReactor. I LOVE their service, although I’m not always quite as fond of their Account’s section (late invoicing of purchases plays havoc with nice neat budgetting and forgetful memories).  Recently Grant from FusionReactor recently posted a comment to my blog about their new service – In Page Ads.  His comment went along the lines of suggesting that I’d possibly like it since I’ve raved about their services before.

My official comment is that its an old concept redone… You put their system on your site, and every time a user clicks on a link they get shown an advert before they get taken ot the new page.  Its been done before, and has failed, so I’m not sure what is different about their system.  But Grant is a bright cookie and seems to know his social networking/web 2.0 pr implications, so I’m guessing there is something that I’m missing.

So since he’s been great to me, I thought I’d link to their In Page Ads system, and maybe someone who reads this blog can comment on it?

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