One more for the Java vs .Net crowd

Ok, so its not really anything valid, but its a nice comment anyway…  NASA are using a Java based system to plot out Spirit’s course on Mars and communicate the course of action to Spirit.  So Stuart comments about it(found via Rory), saying “No wonder it took the thing twelve days to move eight feet forward!”  […]

MS Codenames

If you’re into the MS technologies, you’ll probably have started to notice that Microsoft are starting to push their “next versions” already.  Their codenames are being thrown around in newsgroups, blogs, and development sites: Longhorn (with Inigo, Avalon (including XAML), and the “third pillar of Longhorn” which I can’t remember), Whidbey, Yukon.  I even saw […]


Hrm… I’m busy trying to step through an application to find out why its not creating an object it needs and there are two things that are frustrating me. Firstly, the object I’m looking for should be created and added to a collection at some point in a deep nest of methods. Now since I […]