Well, I’ve been busy over the past few days playing with DotNetNuke.  I downloaded v2.0.4 on Friday, installed it on my work pc, spent about 30 minutes copying and pasting stuff from my company’s website into DNN and wowed my boss with what it could do.  On Monday they released v2.1.1, so I got that down […]

DevDays 2004

Well, the day was definately more detailed (higher tech level – 200-300) than last year’s dev days which was great.  But unfortunately most of what was covered would really suite a small ISV, and not necessarily work in the environment I work in.  (Not that my environment is out of the ordinary.)  At work, we’re […]


Its odd how these things happen, just this morning Charlie was asking me how to migrate a PHP website to ASP.Net, and this afternoon I see a link to MSDN’s ASP.Net Migrating article which has links to the “PHP to ASP.Net Migration Guide“

New Microsoft EMEA development site (with a cool competition)

Microsoft EMEA have a new site – CodeZone, which links to SADeveloper.net.If you go there, check out the Magazine and order a sample.  You could win a Motorola MPx 200. (A windows based smart phone) Check out the picture on the right, its a MPx 200. (BTW: It might disappear later because I’ve linked directly […]

Code access security…

Jim Blizzard makes some interesting comments about code access security in .Net relating it to the “superbowl half time event ‘scandal’” where Justin Timberlake & Janet Jackson did a duet, but part way through the event Janet’s top “malfunctioned” (i.e. thats aparently how she described it… but in every day terms her top “fell” off)Anyway, Jim […]

One more for the Java vs .Net crowd

Ok, so its not really anything valid, but its a nice comment anyway…  NASA are using a Java based system to plot out Spirit’s course on Mars and communicate the course of action to Spirit.  So Stuart comments about it(found via Rory), saying “No wonder it took the thing twelve days to move eight feet forward!”  […]